Umbria Nell Cuore

Some exhibits are simply more memorable than others.  I want to share a couple of my favorites with you

     In August 2012, I had the great pleasure of participating in a two artist exhibit in the medieval city of Gubbio, Italy.  This city is located in the region of Umbria and is breathtakingly  beautiful.  The other artist in the exhibit was Gary Titterton, a British ex-pat who lived and worked in Umbria.  The exhibit was hung in a palazzo that was almost 1000 years old. 

      Getting the work from central Kentucky to Italy was quite a challenge.  Each piece was packed and transported as extra baggage in the airplane in which I flew to Italy.  I worried  the entire flight that the boxes of my work would get left in Atlanta and I would have nothing to put in the exhibit.All arrived safely and the exhibit was a success.

Gary Titterton & me
Entrance to the palazza
Talking with Gary
Exhibit Poster

Beneath Cherry Blossoms

BeneathCherry Blossoms.JPG

Holy Lutes

Holy Lutes was an exhibit of over 60 pieces that were based on works of sacred poetry.  The poems I used were poems from across time and religious traditions.  Christian, secular, native American, Jewish, Hindu and Buddhist poems all served as the basis for this work.  These pieces were exhibited two times--once at Christian Brothers University in Memphis, Tennessee and again at Christ Church Cathedral in Lexington, Kentucky as one of the Gallery Hop venues.

Where We Wander
The Cold Mountain Path
Beside Still Waters (2)
A Velvet Bridge
A Heaven of Naked Air
You are the Space
With the Unique Name


Saj Crone, Memphis photographer, (right)

and me at the opening reception for Holy Lutes at Christian Brothers University in Memphis, TN.

HolyLutes1 (1).jpg

Raw Silk

The Raw Silk exhibit was one of the most exciting exhibits in which I have ever participated.  It was a two artist, fiber art exhibit at Christian Brothers University.  The other artist is Phyllis Boger, a Memphis, TN artist.  I did fiber pieces with eastern themes and Phyllis painted on silk.  The exhibit was strong and the colors were fantastic.