As a child, I often visited my aunts who lived in Appalachian Kentucky in Breathitt and Perry Counties.  I looked forward to visits with two of my aunts in particular as they were avid quilters.  Each trip, I would be given access to scraps of fabric and each trip I began a quilt.  I did not complete a single one but the experience gave me a lifetime appreciation for traditional quilting and a love of fiber.  

Years later, I expanded my interest in painting into a new direction and began "painting" with fabric in the creation of what I call fabric collages.  My goal is to create a piece that "reads" like a traditional painting when viewed from a distance but displays all the texture and dimensionality of fabric when seen up-close.  I utilize vintage fabrics from kimonos and saris, hand-dyed and hand-painted fabrics, commercial fabrics, ribbons, beads, found objects and thread to create these pieces.  Again, my work is abstract and plays on my interest in form, color and texture.

I am now working on pieces for an upcoming (time and location to be determined) exhibit to be entitled "Both Fish & Fowl".  This exhibit will include fabric collage abstractions of fish and birds and will feature extensive beading, something to which I have become addicted since we began the Covid-19 "stay at home" routine.