Fabric Design Service

Studio 645 is pleased to announce its new fabric design service.  As an artist, I often had difficulty finding home decor fabric that would coordinate with the colors in my art work.  I find this is especially frustrating and time-consuming.  This year, I have begun designing fabric collections that perfectly complement the colors in an individual art piece.  

The fabric design process begins with my importing a photograph of the art into a design software that I use.  From that photograph, I can create a color palette that perfectly matches the colors used in the art.  I then utilize that color palette to create fabric designs which I can have printed in any yardage I desire.  

I think it is important that the fabric I design should be as unique and one-of-a-kind as the art is itself.  For that reason, I am guaranteeing the exclusive right to purchase the fabric, either at present or in the future, to the person who purchases the art itself.  The purchaser can then have the original art and exclusive right to purchase the artist-designed fabric collection that coordinates with the art itself.

I realize there are many people who are having this same challenge finding fabric that coordinates with a beloved piece of art.  Studio 645 is now offering this fabric design service to create a fabric collection that will coordinate with someone's art.  The process is simple.  Take a good quality photograph of the art in question and then email to  Studio645lex@gmail.com.  For a nominal fee, I will design a fabric collection that will coordinate with your art.  You can order samples of any of the fabric in which you are interested.  After you have had the opportunity to experience the fabric samples, it is easy to order any amount of the fabric you desire, from 1 yard to 100 yards or more.  You will have the exclusive right to purchase this fabric and Studio 645 guarantees it will not sell the fabric to any other person.  Solid colored fabrics can be also be ordered in any color present in the art piece.

Here are examples of some fabric collections I have designed.  The first image in each gallery is the art.  Then follow the fabrics designed to coordinate with that piece.  Click on each image to enlarge it.